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Other areas of Fanonpedia

  • The IRC, where anyone can get chatty.
  • The Fanonpedia Signpost, where news about Fanonpedia is published (whenever we want).

Fanonpedia's sister projects

  • Fictional Reception Wikis, where you can write Reception Wiki-style articles on stuff
  • Canonpedia (waiting approval) - The Uncyclopedia of Fanonpedia.
  • The Mindwitness Inquirer, where you can write fake news!
  • Fantionary, where you can invent your own words!
  • Fanonsource, the library for all your fake laws, descriptions, public domain books, and more!
  • Fogopedia is your space for fake logos!
  • Check the Fanon Space for wikis based on Fanonpedia articles!
There are more to come, admins will update the page when more come.

Fanonpedia languages

None, sadly!